The Band

Deeply rooted in the heart of Western KY, singer/songwriter Tony Logue continues to proudly rest his hardworking boots right beside his faithful strength in being a devoted family man.  At the age of 17, Tony began to convey his emotions through song.  Stories woven with the thread of everyday life, drenched with the southern rural landscape that he’s come to know all to well. ” I really got turned on to the serious songwriters like Steve Earle, Guy Clark, Robert Earle Keen and Chris Knight.  The storytellers.  “It was exactly what I wanted to do,” Logue explains.  After strings of regionally successful solo acoustic shows, in the fall of 2008 the Tony Logue Band was born.  They began to work through the catalog of songs Tony had written in the previous years.  In January of 2009, they headed into the studio and came out with a seven song EP entitled Calm Before The Storm.  The album would gain recognition with fans both locally and regionally and the song “Road I Chose” began to get radio airplay.

In 2011, The Tony Logue Band found themselves back in the studio to record their LP Reckless Kind.  They teamed up with Nashville’s award winning producer/engineer Kenny Royster, who has worked with artists such as Trace Adkins, Billy Currington and Randy Houser.  “Kenny knows a ton about making records. He really showed us what it’s all about.  He made us a record that will kick you right in the teeth,” Tony shares.  The band arranged the songs giving each member the opportunity to showcase their musical chops.  Dylan Driver’s  energy and soulful guitar riffs cut like a knife, while Drummer Jason Munday and Bassist Kyle Robertson captivate the audience with their rhythmic, burly backbeats which have become the driving force behind Tony’s vocals. This ferocious, rockin’ Kentucky foursome has honed their brand of country music down to a razor sharp edge to become one of the best live acts out there.  Logue credits his band mates for the sound and energy they bring to every performance. “These guys are amazing, each one can bring the heat.  They deliver every time we take the stage.  I just get out of their way”

Alongside the release of their first full album in January 2012, the track “State Line” was featured on the first Billy Block Show (second only to The Grand Ole Opry as Nashville’s longest running live radio show and concert series) for this new year.  The Tony Logue Band has graced the stage with likes of David Allen Coe, Rhett Akins, Confederate Railroad, Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit and Andy Griggs.  Currently, the band is booking tour dates to promote the album Reckless Kind.

Just as the lettering on the bottom side of his Telecaster guitar reads The Way Is Through, Tony’s music is inspired by being a faith driven person. “To me it means the way is through Jesus Christ and it helps me to see that every night.  I believe that God chooses people to do things that they can’t do on their own.  They have no choice but to go to him.  I’m one of those people…songwriting is my disease.  There’s a need for me to make my music and give it to the people.   I’m bound and determined that’s what I’m gonna do.”